Thursday, 8th March is International Women’s Day!

BottlesXO would be nothing without the women that make things happen at every level of our company, from our Joint CEO to our delivery drivers that make sure your bottles arrive right on time.

To mark the occasion, the women of BottlesXO Shanghai and Suzhou have chosen some of the bottles that they love. And so you can see exactly why they hold these bottles so dear, each one will be discounted from Thursday, 8th March all weekend through Sunday, 11th March.

Click here to read a personal message from our CEO Lolita Wong, and read on to find out more about the bottles from the women that chose them.

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Allison, Shenzhen, China
Logistics & Operations Executive

Guado al Melo Rute Bholgeri
¥160 (down from ¥190)

I’m Allison from Shenzhen, I joined BottlesXO in 2016 and work as Logistics and Operations Executive. I make sure all our wine ship from Europe to China to our customers safely. I lived in Barcelona, where I enjoyed the weather in Southern Europe and of course, the wine! Guado al Melo is one of my favorites because I love its aromas of redcurrant and raspberry! You can enjoy it when having dinner with friends or family, reading a book, doing picnic in a park…

Ana, Poland
Suzhou Marketing & Event Executive

Heinz Schmitt Riesling
¥125 (down from ¥145)

I have to be honest about two things: I’m a white wine person, and I don’t like dry wines much. I do enjoy red wines sometimes, even dry one, but when it comes to choosing a bottle for myself I end up with a white one. This particular Riesling is just perfect for me: lemon and lime nose (I love citruses!), a little sweet but with strong acidic sharper spikes. Some people say it’s a summer wine but the truth is it’s much more versatile. It goes with sushi, it goes with sauerkraut, it goes with a blanket and a book on a long winter evening.

Bianca, Italy
Operations & Logistics Intern

Domaine Alain Geoffroy Chablis
¥185 (down from ¥245)

Chablis is my favourite french white wine because I love the freshness, the grace and the delicate fruity and flower flavour. I can drink it anytime and every time is a pleasure for my taste buds. Also, when i have a glass of Chablis i remember how good and funny were my pic nics in Paris along the St. Martin Canal!

Elva, Indonesia
Marketing & Events Executive

Fernet Hunter Liqueur
¥315 (down from ¥350)

Growing up in Indonesia, we know our herbs and spices. Try to ask a fellow Indonesian friend of yours and watch their eyes lit up when you talk about it. Top pick would easily be Fernet Hunter for me as it is packed with this aromatic herbs that are handpicked during hunting season (how awesome is that!). You don’t even need to go crazy for the preparation. All you need is some soda water, fresh mint and ice cubes, and you’ve made yourself an excellent herb-spice packed drink. Enjoy!

Lea, Germany
Supply Chain & Operations Intern

de Venoge Cordon Bleu Champagne
¥285 (down from ¥375)

I’m Lea. I’m from Germany and moved to Shanghai early this year to start working with BottlesXO. I’m in Operations & Supply Chain Management, so I make sure we have the best drinks for our customers and that our drivers bring them the best experience possible. I visited a friend in Shanghai a while ago and decided that I have to move to this amazing city! I lived in France for a long time so I especially like French and Southern European wines, especially when there is no amazing German beer around. My wine pick is our original de Venoge Champagne from the French Champagne region.

Maxime, Scotland
Marketing & Events Executive

Herencia Altés Garnatxa Negra
¥105 (down from ¥115)

I’m from Scotland studying business in Shanghai, hobbies are waterskiing, wakeboarding and horse riding but as I can’t do any of that here,my new hobbies are drinking and eating. I chose the Altés because it’s genuinely my fave, it’s super fruity and easy drinking. A perfect summer red. Yay for Spain!

Rachele, Italy
Marketing & Events Manager

Domaine de Tamary Rosé
¥120 (down from ¥135)

Well, first I need to apologies for my face in the picture above hahah.. embarassing. If you’ve been in Shanghai a while, we’ve probably met around the city during some BottlesXO events. I chose this bottle because it really reminds me of the Mediterranean summer.

Ludovica, Italy
General Manager, Central China

I wasn’t in Shanghai to choose a bottle as I was away sampling a huge range of wines and craft beers to add to our app (stay tuned for some good ones). But on this special day I want to say that I’m super proud of all the ladies in my team who work so hard  to bring the best drinks to all of our lovely customers.

Happy International Women’s Day! #PressforProgress.

To try these bottles for yourself, click here to download the BottlesXO wine, craft beer and delivery app.