Who says Easter says celebration, and what could be better than a celebration to drink champagne?

Ever since its first sparkle, Champagne has been the preferred choice for celebrations of all kinds. Royal, political, national, fashionable, sporting – whatever the occasion, it has to be Champagne.

Champagne always been a synonym of celebration …

Since the early 1900s, champagne has been promoted by advertisements through the prism of modernity. During the Belle Époque, advertisements for champagne featured modern wonders that aspired the growing middle classes, cars, hot air balloons, steamboats, airplanes…

It is no coincidence that champagne was served on board the Titanic or if it was tasted at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1889, when the Eiffel Tower was unveiled to the eyes of the world. Champagne became ubiquitous for naming ships and establishing business relationships. It was the subject of the very first advertising film in the world. Champagne was becoming a symbol of modernity at a time when France was trying to forget the horrors of the First World War and aspired to turn to a new age, full of promise.


In modern times, it is with James Bond, Audrey Hepburn or, more recently, Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z that we adhere to the myths and history surrounding champagne, ultimate proof of the contemporary acuity of champagne. Through collective mystification, champagne has not only taken advantage of favorable cultural and social trends, but also managed intense cultural contradictions, thus continuing to sparkle our imagination.

Chocolate and champagne, the good pairing for Easter!

Although pairing Champagne sounds natural, it can actually be quite a tricky pairing if you want to get the most out of it. The sweetness and bitterness chocolate sometimes causes it to clash with sparkling wine. The sweetness brings out an acidic taste in dry sparklers.

But before you pop the cork, it’s important to note that the variety of bubbly you choose can make or break your chocolate tasting experience. For Easter we selected a Champagne brut de Venoge, which is a perfect pairing with a dark chocolate.



Unlike its peers in the Brut category, this champagne isn’t completely dry, and has a higher amount of Pinot Noir giving it power and finesse, which makes it a good companion for dark chocolate. Its toasty brioche and caramel notes also complement the toasted nut and caramel notes in the chocolate.


This week (re)discover an elegant bright golden Champagne with wide aromatic complexity on our app, de Venoge Brut Cordon Bleu is available to bring the necessary bubbles for a bubbly Easter!

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