In the past couple of years health & wellness has taken a turn for the best. Not only has it become trendy but it is truly a great movement to learn from. Who doesn’t want to feel amazing without the regrets of, ‘maybe eating /drinking that wasn’t so wise…’

Wine should be no exception. So what do you know about Organic & Biodynamic wine?

As a basic fact we know wine in general is good for your health, in moderation of course. However, some wines are produced different than others depending on the winery owners, the region, and traditional care-taking of the terroir over the years.

These techniques of winemaking result in a wine being classified as Organic or Biodynamic — producers must have these certifications.

So what are the differences?


  • Organically-grown grapes
  • In the US there’s no sulphur-dioxide additives. In Europe organic wines may contain SO2.
  • Zero use of chemicals: pesticides, artificial chemical fertilizers, fungicides & herbicides
  • Organic doesn’t mean it’s vegan but there are vegan organic wines
  • No use of genetically modified yeasts for fermentation.

Bonus fact: These grapes & wines are better for us but also for the environment. They usually cost, look, and taste just as good as other wines.


  • Grape harvesting is done according to the Biodynamic Calendar.
  • There are Fruit Days, Root Days, Flower Days & Leaf Days
  • No chemicals or manufactured additives are allowed in the winemaking process.
  • Animals can coexist with the terroir – helping with soil for example.
  • Special compost is stuffed into cow horns, buried, dug up after a while then the stuffing is spread throughout the vineyard (1 of 9 types of compost fertilization)

Bonus fact: Biodynamic soils have been tested against non-organic soils and they showed greater disease suppression, a decrease in compaction and added organic material. (

Food pairings with Sustainable Wines

Like any wine, you’re free to pair red wine with richer dishes, white wine with lighter dishes, and Rosé or sparkling with practically anything… just better for your body. Pairing with Biodynamic or Organic won’t make or break the experience!

Here are some our Best-Selling Biodynamic, Organic, and Vegan wines: