Shanghai’s Favorite Places for a Weekend Picnic

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We’ve already told you about what we think are the best places in Shanghai to pick up all the essentials you’ll need for the perfect picnic. But we left out one crucial detail; the simple matter of where to have it.


Well, we’ve got you covered. From Pudong to Hongqiao, here are five of our favorite green spaces for laying a blanket down. Now if only you had some way to order wine straight to the park… but wait, what are we saying?


Century Park

One of Shanghai’s largest parks and definitely the first spot most think of when it comes to green spaces in Pudong. Plenty of water, too, which makes for ample opportunities for romantic riverside vibes if you’re in that sort of mood. It’s right by the Shanghai Science and Technology museum, which has its own metro stop and is itself surrounded by pleasant little pockets of green, (some of which might even enable more private picnicking than the park itself).


New Hongqiao Centre Garden


A small oasis of green out in Shanghai’s wild west, aka Hongqiao, the New Hongqiao Centre Garden is an off-the-beaten path treasure and probably a blessing for those in the area looking for a bit of tranquility in which to take advantage of the sunlight. It’s all based around a central lake and is great for that nature-in-the-heart-of-the-city vibe; you still can’t escape the views of skyscrapers from inside, but they take on a different feel when viewed from a picnic blanket, wine in hand.


Gongqing Forest Park


Gongqing Forest Park is a real hidden gem; and when we say hidden, we mean hidden. To get there you have to ride Line 8 all the way to its Northern terminus and catch a really quick cab. You’ll be rewarded for your odyssey with one of Shanghai’s largest undiscovered parks which holds enough space for different areas including forests, lakes, paths that go all the way to the Huangpu river and, yes, big expanses of grass perfect for picnics. Bear in mind that this is Shanghai, so there’ll still be some weekend crowds despite its out of the way location and its huge size.


Fuxing Park


One to hit if you want a picnic that’s less “relaxing getaway” and more “take in the local culture”, which might not be everyone’s idea of fun but has a lot to recommend it. Fuxing Park lies in the heart of Xuhui and as such is usually packed with local families flying kites, ayi dance troupes and old dudes practicing tai chi. The parks crowded pathways surround expanses of grass that, if you can find a space, provide a chance to relax and absorb a real taste of downtown Shanghai. Which wine will make even better, obviously. It’s nice and easy to get to as well. Head to Xintiandi metro station, go east down Fuxing Lu and you’re there in minutes.


Zhongshan Park


This one is kind of like Fuxing Park in the sense that it’s in the thick of a busy area and has the bustling atmosphere to match. But, like Fuxing Park, this is part of the fun and gives it a real community feel; you’ll often catch live traditional Chinese music being played here, and the park has a particularly family-friendly feel to it too. Better for a day out with the kids than for a romantic summer date, then, but it’s still a great place to spend a summer afternoon. This one has it’s own metro station named after it on Lines 2,3 and 4, so there’s no excuse for not finding it.


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