Did you know that BottlesXO regularly offers surprise deals and awesome offers on our range of wines and beers?

If you didn’t, you should probably enable notifications from our app, which will get you access to some amazing flash promotions. And here’s a pro-tip – if you enable them, then keep an eye out for something special coming up on Tuesday, 28 March.

You can find out how to enable BottlesXO notifications below.

iOS Devices:
When you’ve installed the BottlesXO app, you can enable notifications by heading to ‘Settings’, then ‘Notifications’ and finally ‘BottlesXO’. There you can ensure that ‘Allow Notifications’ is checked off.

Android Devices:
Settings for Android devices vary, but the following guide should work or be similar to the method for your phone: select ‘Apps’, go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Apps’ or ‘App Messenger’, tap ‘Notifications’ and make sure that ‘Block all’ is toggled off. Then you may need to restart your device.

See? Easy. Now you’re ready to enjoy surprise offers on some of the best wine and beer in town!

Download your wine delivery app in Shanghai and Suzhou here.