We’re very excited to announce the arrival of BottlesXO’s first ever Chablis! This Thursday we’ll be debuting our new 2014 Domaine Alain Geoffroy Chablis on the BottlesXO app and at our weekly Wine Night at XO.


Chablis wines are among those with the highest name recognition in the world; but what exactly makes them special?

Chablis is actually a region in the north of Burgundy, France. It lends its name to one of the world’s most famous chardonnay white wines. Put simply, what Chablis means is a particularly dry 100% chardonnay, notable for its minerality and high acidity thanks to its unique terroir and oak-aging.

As much as the small Chablis region is known for producing excellent wines, its climate is actually a temperamental one. The vineyards there experience beautiful summers but suffer awful weather in the spring and fall. In fact, a particularly bad patch of hailstones sadly destroyed most of this past year’s Chablis vintages.

Still, the area remains one of the most recognized and well known in France when it comes to white wines and, particularly, chardonnays.


Our 2014 Chablis comes from the Alain Geoffroy estate which was established in 1850, making it one of the oldest in France. It’s a family business that produces Chablis wines over 45 hectares, doing so with a desire to uphold the tradition and authenticity of their prestigious terroir.

The 2014 Domaine Alain Geoffroy Chablis is available now on the BottlesXO app.  

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