We’ve already told you which wines you might want to stock up on this Fall. But we haven’t yet told you which wines might be best suited to pairing with this seasons quintessential veggies.

So here you go!

Pumpkin & Pinot Grigio

Perhaps the definitive Fall vegetable, particularly if you enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving and/or carving your vegetables in to “spooky” lanterns once a year. Pinot Grigio will pleasantly cut through pumpkin’s mixture of earthiness and sweetness. Stick with a dessert wine if you’re eating it in a pie though, and maybe don’t try pairing anything with your pumpkin spiced latte.

Butternut Squash & Chardonnay

A member of the same squash family as pumpkins, Butternut Squash actually has a similar flavour to its relative with a slightly sweeter and, yes, nuttier tint. This added sweetness means that it can pair nicely with richer whites, Chardonnay being a prime example. Especially true when blended in to a creamy soup, it works well with slightly sweeter, richer autumnal soups and stews generally.

Sweet Potato & Merlot

It’s not only white wines that pair with vegetables either. Medium reds like Merlot can complement some of the richer root vegetables, like Sweet Potato. When they are roasted and just a little caramelized for extra richness it’s a pairing that should work sublimely, though it should also be pretty good with that sweet potato soufflé.

Brussel Sprouts & Gruner Veltliner

Brussels Sprouts can be a tough one to pair, but the smoothness of Gruner Veltliner grapes manages to cut through the more problematic aspects of their flavor. They can also prove a good match for some of the veggie’s more decadent presentation methods like, for example, smothered in melted butter.

Mushrooms & Pinot Noir

And now for maybe the earthiest of all autumn vegetables, (that are actually funguses), mushrooms. Pinot Noir’s fruitiness balances the subtler and earthier flavours of a range of them nicely. It is also a wine that has been said to pair particularly well with mushroom risotto.

Feel like having a go at some of these pairings yourself this Fall? As luck would have it, we’ve got a range of wines that will work perfectly. Click here to download our app and start browsing!

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