Yes, it’s that time. Everyone knows how hard it is to keep to their New Year’s resolutions. But if those resolutions involve drinking more wine… it might make things a little easier.

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One of those New Year’s resolutions that everyone has. This year, be original and apply it to wine! Get your lingo down, impress your friends next time you’re at that happy hour and deepen your appreciation of every glass.

Look past the label

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It’s not all in a name, and the wine’s you’ve always heard of aren’t always necessarily the best… though they are often the most expensive. Every real wino knows that straying off the beaten path often reaps the most rewards.

Really get to know a winery

That said, if you find a label that you love, learning about it can be a hugely rewarding experience for the budding wine geek. Are two of your favorite bottles produced by the same winery? Then try more! Even better, embrace your inner nerd and look up the history, story and ethos of the vineyards and the people behind them. There are almost as many great wine stories as there are great wines.

Explore the world

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Don’t just go with every country’s standard bearers. Yes, Pinot Grigio is safe, easy and tasty if you’re looking for something Italian. But have you ever tried the underrated, elegant Vermentino? Or if you usually go for red, have you ever sampled a bottle of Sicily’s up and coming Nero D’Avola.

Cook more!

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Or, you know, just start cooking. It’s healthy, it’s rewarding, it’s fulfilling and whatever you make, you can probably pair it nicely with wine. And that’s all ignoring the fact that making food is among the top five excuses around for opening a bottle.

Try grapes grown where you wouldn’t expect them

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A great way of opening your eyes a little bit. Try, for example, a Grauburgunder, a Spätburgunder or a Weißburgunder, Germany’s three excellent wines made with Pinot grapes. And we bet you thought they only made Riesling.

Host your own wine tasting

White and Red wine Glasses
We know, we know. You had people over for drinks just last night. But if you’re serious about this wine thing, why not go all out and make it official? For the record, that means more than two varieties of wine and that each glass isn’t basically overflowing on to the carpet with every pour.

Save money

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The New Year’s resolution of approximately 99% of the world, yes… but while this would mean drinking less wine for some, did you realize that you can save money while drinking wine too? Drinking high quality imported wine really doesn’t have to break the bank, and you don’t need to go straight to the top of a wine list to find something good. Trust us, we know.

So… how to make sure you don’t fail these resolutions?


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