In the wine world there’s a lot of talk about organic wines; in fact, we offer a few delicious organic bottles ourself. If you’ve been wondering exactly what this term means and whether you should trying these wines for yourself, well: let us explain.

Photo. Closeup on bunches of black grapes in vineyards, Tuscany, Italy ** Note: Soft Focus at 100%, best at smaller sizes

Simply put, organic wine is wine made with organically grown grapes.

That means that they are all-natural, grown without any chemicals (though they may contain natural additives). This isn’t quite the end of the matter though; when it comes to wine, organic doesn’t mean the same thing everywhere.

Organic vineyards at the Hecht & Bannier winery, France

Organic vineyards at the Hecht & Bannier winery, France


In America, organic wine must be made with grapes grown naturally without any added sulphites. Europe, on the other hand, allows sulphites in their organic wine (they are added simply to preserve wine, and aren’t necessarily anything to worry about).

It’s also worth noting that organic certification itself is something of a grey area; certification can be costly and difficult for small wineries to get hold of, meaning that many wines are organic in everything but name. Labels aren’t everything!

So, why drink it? Basically, personal taste. If you prefer to drink something all natural, crafted lovingly by winemakers, they are a good way to go.

Feel like trying something natural for yourself? You’re in luck; four organic wines are available NOW on the BottlesXO app for instant delivery in Hong Kong! Find some info on them below and get yourself a taste of wine made the old fashioned way.


Famille Perrin L’Oustalet Red & White
($110 each)


This pair of French wines – one red, one white – are made by Famille Perrin, one of France’s most prestigious winemaking families and one of the first in the country to dedicate themselves to organic winemaking. Each is a deliciously simple, easy-going wine; perfect everyday bottles for lovers of the French stuff. 

NorteSur Chardonnay & Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon
($120 each)


Two bright, vibrant organic wines from Spain, the NorteSur Chardonnay and NorteSur Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon are simply delicious; a perfect introduction to what makes organic wine so great . Created by Spanish winery Dominio de Punctum.


To get your hands on these delicious natural wines, simply download the BottlesXO app, find them in our selection and place your order; they’ll arrive in minutes, chilled and ready to drink.

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