It’s happened to us all at one time or another: a quick post-work drink or lunchtime tipple has turned into a cheeky session of overindulgence with little regard for obligations or appointments later in the day. Keeping your shit together can be a struggle, but follow these top tips and get you’ll get your head back in the game.

1. Always drink a glass of water before you leave

Yes, it seems obvious, but how many of us actually remember to keep hydrated? Flood those boozy veins with H2O to restore a little bit of that pre-drinking equilibrium.

2. Go for mints and avoid gum

Fresh zingy breath is key to sober composure. Swing by a convenience store and grab a pack of mints before you head to your next appointment. Avoid gum, because drunkards tend to masticate as messily as a cow and a clump of grass.

3. Focus on your friends

Avoid impending social disgrace by keeping quiet. Get your friends talking so you don’t have to slur your way through polite conversation and remembering to keep controversial opinions to yourself. Nod, smile and ‘mhmm’ your way to sobriety.

4. Get some fresh air

If you’re heading to your next social event a little blotto, try skipping the cab and walking to the next venue. A dose of fresh air and activity will help you to sober up and will give you the opportunity to practice walking in a straight line before your arrival.

5. Freshen up with smellies

Chances are that if you’ve been hanging out in a bar you’re going to smell like a combination of alcohol, cigarettes and chicken wings. Pull out perfume or cologne and give yourself a refreshing spritz. If desperate, why not take the opportunity to try out some fancy fragrance testers at the mall?

6. Red wine lips are the ultimate give away

Turning up to dinner looking you just escaped the morgue is not cute. Clean up those stained lips in the washroom and have a cheaky swill with fresh water. Your lips and pearly whites will be back to normal in no time.

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