Don’t drink on an empty stomach anymore! Food has arrived.

1. Chorizo Cular 70g

This chorizo is marinated with pimentón de la Vera (smoked paprika), garlic, and salt. Perfect for charcuterie boards or as an addition to other dishes. Great pairing with a dry red wine.

2. Duck Rillettes 180g

Rillettes are a preparation of meat similar to pâté and one of the most appreciated French local products for the aperitif! Confee has selected premium quality duck meat and prepared it through the best French methods. Great with bread or on a cold meat platter.

3. Cusiè con Latte 70g

An exclusive specialty of Beppino Occelli who created an original cheese, made with goat and cow’s milk. Occelli also recommends Cusiè in the kitchen for ravioli filling, in strips on hot pasta or on cold seasonal salads.

4. Lomo Embuchado 70g

This delicious pork loin is perfectly salted, with some paprika and slight spice flavors. Perfect to snack on while you sip on a dry red wine before dinner is ready.

5. Sardines in Brine 125g

Porthos sardines are some of the tastiest sardines you can get mixed with olive oil and sauces. Add them to your favorite oven bake, pasta, or fresh salad and pair with a white wine or Rosé high in acidity to cut through the rich fish flavor.

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