Ever find yourself say dreaming of beautiful European countryside?

Let us help you with that! Here are five European wineries (and one brewery!) that we know from personal experience to be totally gorgeous. 

Mazzei | Tuscany, Italy



The Mazzei winery was established in 1435, and is still going strong after a mind-blowing near-six centuries. It’s no exaggeration to say that you can’t talk about winemaking in Tuscany without talking about Mazzei.

Hecht & Bannier | France


Sidenote; Hecht & Bannier don’t actually own their own vineyards. Rather, they have an immense knowledge of those that stretch from Roussillon to Provence along the Eastern coast of France. These encompass some of their country’s most pictureseque, growing organic grapes that are curated and blended to create some remarkable wines.

Heinz Schmitt Erben | Mosel, Germany



The Heinz Schmitt Vineyard stares down upon the banks of the river Mosel. Winemaking on these steep, often snowy slopes has been a tradition for centuries; it might not be the Meditterranean postcard you picture when some says “vineyard”, but these mountains are beautiful.

Kurt Angerer | Kamptal, Austria



Not AustraliaAustria. The vineyards of Kurt Angerer, our trusted producer of Kies Gruner Veltliner (one of our favorite white wines) located in Austria’s North East, are not only beautiful but integral to the wines themselves; Kurt places a great deal of emphasis on his terroirs and lets the geography of his vineyards influence his wines deeply.

Herencia Altés | Terra Alta DO, Spain


The Altés family has been growing grapes in Batea, where wine has been made since the 15th century, for generations. The wine region is one of Spain’s most frequently visited, but it should be; there is history and culture in these ancient vines.

LaCotta | Montefeltro, Italy


Okay, okay, it’s a brewery, not a winery. But Montefeltro, where our friend LaCotta brew their artisan Italian craft beers, is breathtaking. And they even have a brasserie, too!

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