Spring is here and it’s getting hot! That means it’s time to don your shorts and shades, because the sun is out and that can only mean one thing – it’s day-drinking season. If you’re trying to indulge without passing out before 5PM this Saturday, read on for our top tips for day drinking this weekend.

Stay hydrated

We know, we know. Why waste valuable drinking time with boring old H20, right? Wrong! If you want to day-drink properly, lasting all the way until the sun goes down, you’ll have to hydrate. If not, you’ll be struck down with a skull-crushing headache by approximately 5PM, nursing a same-day hangover by 8pm and taking a long hard look at yourself in the mirror of truth by 10pm.

Apply that sun-screen

Alcohol and sunshine is a dangerous mix, especially when you forget to apply sun-screen to your extremities.

Remember to apply a liberal coating of sun-screen to your face, arms and legs or you’ll be shedding your skin like a snake by early evening. That rosy red-wine glow is totally endearing, the radioactive glare of burnt skin just isn’t cute.

Maybe don’t start that early

Just because it’s 25 degrees at 11AM doesn’t mean you should be cracking open the beers before lunchtime.

You’re a classy individual with values and a solid real adult routine, and don’t you forget it! Start at around 2pm after a good lunch, with extra points if you hit the gym or ran your errands in the morning.

Quit while you’re ahead

Day drinking is tough on the body, that’s for sure. Sipping margaritas for 5 hours straight as you edge toward total inebriation will keep you nicely buzzed until bedtime. Remember, bedtime is bedtime.

Day-drinking that turns into night-drinking is a recipe for the most abysmal hangover you can imagine. Bar the doors and turn off your phone so your boozing buddies can’t find you.

Do brunch

Brunch was basically designed for day-drinkers, giving the perfect excuse to liquor-loving housewives to crack open the prosecco just after midday. Hit it up if you wish, but remember that you might want to fill up on something a bit more substantial than avocado toast.

Avoid free flow options, however, because these devilish deals are designed to get you in a tailspin by 4pm and socially disgraced by 6pm.

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