We all know that beer goes great with junk food. In fact, it’s a pairing that most of us make without even thinking about it.

But just because it’s so natural doesn’t mean we can’t strive to make the most of this match made in heaven; read on for four pairings that we think are basically perfect and solve the problem of what bites to order next time you’re at the bar.

Pilsner & Lager w/ Pizza

Big hot pizza with tomatoes and pepperoni

Let’s start with something easy. Pizza and lager are a timeless pairing not just because of availability but also the fact that the simple freshness and subtle maltiness of lager is a great way to tease out and unite the bready flavors of pizza crust and the subtler, sweeter flavors of tomato and other toppings.

We suggest: Brander Urstoff Premium Lager, RMB 75 for 4 x 0.33l

IPA w/ Burgers

juicey gourmet cheeseburger with melted pepper jack and strips of crispy bacon

To beer and burger enthusiasts, this combination is obvious. Here’s why; it’s richness and body easily cut through the oily, salty of a juicy burger, and their hoppy bitterness combines with the flavors of good beef to create a perfect explosion of umami.

We suggest: Faust Auswanderer IPA, RMB 140 for 1 x .75ml

Wheat Beer w/ Burritos & Tacos

three pork carnitas street tacos in yellow corn tortilla with avocado, onion, cilantro and cabbage

If you’re craving Mexican food then German Hefeweizen (that’s right, NOT Corona) is your friend. They go great with the starchy combination of refried beans and rice in burritos, but their bright citrus elements are also a great foil for the lighter flavors that are often so integral to Mexican food too (like lime). Not to mention they do a great job of qualling spiciness.

We suggest: Faust Hefeweizen, RMB 35 for 1 x 0.5l (RMB  125 for 4)

English Pale Ale w/ Mac & Cheese

Baked Homemade Macaroni and Cheese with Parsley

English pale ales and cheddar are a classic match (they’re both British, after all), and so these beers are ideal the creamy, cheesy sauce in this comfort food favorite. They’re a good bet for cheese in general, in fact, in case you’re wondering what to order with your next cheese plate.

We suggest: Westwood Ales English Pale Ale, RMB 95 for 4 x 0.33l

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