At long last, BottlesXO really has beer!

Our app now offers an exciting range of European craft beers, selected from everywhere from historic German brew houses to artisan Italian craft breweries.

Just like our wine selection, this group of bottles is one that you’ll find nowhere else. And, also like our wines, they’re available to order on our app, delivered on-demand to wherever you are.

Read on to find out about our new, curated beer selection and our new breweries, and look out for even more new additions in the future!



A historic German brewery with a story dating all the way back to 1654 that was recently named “Best Craft Brewery in Germany” at the International Craft Beer Awards.

Auswanderer IPA
An exceptional premium IPA, top-fermented and deep ruby colored with complex flavors of tropical fruit and citrus.

Translated as the “Wedding Beer” and named for a descendent of the current Faust owners, this is an orange-gold beer with tropical aromas of lychee and grapefruit.

Hefe Hell Hefeweizen
A golden wheat beer with a tangy, mild and fresh taste accompanied by notes of banana, grapefruit and honey.

Hefeweizen Alcohol-Free
A thirst-quenching and tangy alcohol-free wheat beer; low calorie, isotonic and rich in vitamin, it’s great for leisure and sports as well as simple refreshment.

Westwood Ales


A community-focused micro-brewery; beer created fresh right here in Shanghai by a pair of brothers from Birmingham, making the kind of beer they miss from home.

English Pale Ale
A classic English ale, well-balanced and with a fine body and an excellent head.

Brander Urstoff


A German brewery that has been creating premium lager since 1688; now they make the same lager, with the same recipe, right here in China to offer maximum freshness.

Brander Urstoff Premium Lager
A crisp, refreshing and drinkable German lager, made to a centuries old recipe from imported hops. Perfect for those occasions that you’ll need more than one.



A young, boutique brewery based in the hills of Montefeltro, Italy that creates some seriously new and interesting beers.

LaCotta Marinera
A one-of-a-kind Italian beer made with sea salt; elegant, fresh and aromatic with a pleasantly bitter flavor.

LaCotta Bionda
A high fermentation pale ale with a light blonde color and good body. Lightly and persistently bitter thanks to a unique blend of Bavarian hops.

LaCotta Saison (available soon)
A strong, refreshing Belgian-style ale with warm notes of caramel and honey, made with organic cherry-tree honey.

Feeling thirsty? Find the bottles above in the “Beer” section of the BottlesXO app and get started; you might just find your new favorite beer. 

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