We all love to enjoy a nice glass of wine trusting that it’s legit and coming from a certified source.

At BottlesXO, we directly import our wine from the place of origin to ensure our Wine Lovers get only the real thing.

Counterfeit wine and spirits have been an issue for both sellers & consumers for a while. 

We’re proud to let you know that we’re working with Cypheme, winner of the ‘Most Innovative Anti-Counterfeit Systems Provider’ of the APAC Insider Business 2020 Awards.

Noiseprint Technology

A unique code is labeled on each legit bottle of wine. These cannot be duplicated, imitated or recreated. Every single bottle is protected.

How to Check

Click on the image to access the WeChat Article and Cypheme MiniProgram. Allow your device’s camera to scan the unique code on the bottle. 


(✔ ) Real

( X ) Fake

( – ) Not Found

Based on scanning results, consumers will know their wine is safe to drink & enjoy.

More on Cypheme:

Sip in peace. Wines you can trust from the vine to your glass. 

Directly imported from the producer.