In the vineyards of Las Cepas, there is a key rule: respect for Nature. This is the reason why, in these wild lands of northern Spain, the winemakers are devoted to organic wines. Here, wines are grown that share a love, passion and respect for the ancestral essence of the vineyard. Here that’s fifty hectares of vines that are decades old and seems to be like the guardians of these sacred places.

One can easily imagine Alberto and Santiago Ramírez, winemakers and viticulturalist at Las Cepas, wandering among the vines teeming with life, caressing the clusters for watching over them. Both are from a long family tradition in grape cultivation, to which each add more than 15 years in production of organic grapes. For the Ramirez brothers, wine is a matter of passion, respect and tradition.

They know that they are visitors in a preserved natural environment, where they make only a simple contribution to the wines which draw from nature all the treasures that she abounds in.

Indeed, their vineyards coexist in a natural environment with high biodiversity which contributes to a natural pest control. The climate also has its role to play in all this harmony. In these valleys rainfalls are rare and make it a place where the conditions are excellent for growing organic vineyard.

Graciano grapes are a Grail here, which marks the success of their wines. This variety is very difficult to grow because it requires limited humidity and mild temperatures. Exactly how Rioja’s climate is…

The grapes are hand-selected from the best plots, collected them in boxes, and individually processed in a cellar. For the fermentation of the wines, they add only native yeasts, keep sulfur levels to a minimum, and ferment the wine for six months in French oak barrels.

To grow organic grapes, Las Cepas uses manure to fertilize the soil instead of fertilizers, and doesn’t use herbicides or synthetic pesticides. They also use a method of mating pheromone moth control cluster, instead of insecticides. That’s why these wines are 100% organic!

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