6 Tips for Serving Your Champagne the RIGHT Way

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Everyone loves drinking champagne. But, as you would expect, there are many right ways of going about drinking such a prestigious wine. What those right ways are, however, might surprise you.


Open it the right way

We’ve mentioned this one before. Everyone loves to pop bottles, but the right way to do it is twist the bottle away from the cork rather than vice versa. The effect should be more a sigh of relief than a shout to get the party started.


Skip the champagne flute

Yeah, we know; the clinking of long, thin champagne glasses is almost as synonymous with celebration as the wine itself. Which is fine. But if you’re looking to appreciate champagne in the way that you appreciate other good wines, it might be time to go against the grain and start sipping it from standard wine glasses. Those at the forefront of the push to treat champagne as a real wine and not just a lightweight celebratory tipple advocate it as a way of letting the wine breathe, appreciating the more complex flavors and, honestly, just getting your nose in there and having a good sniff.


Hold it right

If you insist on using a champagne flute, then make sure to hold at the stem and not the bowl of the glass. Champagne is always served chilled for a reason; a cool temperature is integral to its complex flavors, and those clammy party hands of yours will warm it up too quickly to make the most of it.


But don’t serve it too cold

We know you want to save it for a special occasion, but leaving champagne in the refridgerator for too long can lead to trouble. The humidity in there can dry out the cork, making it looser, letting extra oxygen in and changing the wine’s profile.


Don’t only pair it with fine food

This is a mistaken belief that people often hold; that champagne can only be paired with things like oysters and other delicacies. Many of you will be relieved to find out that champagne is actually known to go great with rich, fatty foods too. That’s right; get caught sipping champagne with French fries and fried chicken and you can still be the one to act smug.


Don’t save it too long

Don’t only drink champagne at special occasions; lifes just too short for things like that 😉


Bonus tips: ways to make champagne extra special


Add strawberries

A cute, easy way to dress up champagne; just add strawberries. There are a couple of ways to do this. You can either drop the strawberry straight in the champagne, or pierce it on the rim of the glass. Either way, it’s eaten afterwards and signals that an evening might be a more special occasion than usual.


Make a Kir Royale

Some of your might sniff at the very idea of turning a wine as prestigious as champagne in to a cocktail; others will shrug and keep downing your mimosas. What you might not have known is that there is a third way that should keep both of you appeased. Kir Royale is a French champagne cocktail that’s as simple as it is classy. To make it, all you need to do is add roughly 1 part crème de cassis to five parts champagne, (the original Kir swaps out the champagne for white wine). See? A cocktail to be sure, but one so simple as to preserve the flavors and qualities of champagne…and keep anyone from getting too offended.

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