Are you running out of ideas of where to drink outside besides a restaurant, your patio, or the streets?

Here are some nice spots where you can kick back, relax and not feel basic. Some of these you may have visited or heard of but hey, the timing & weather is perfect now!

Remember that wherever you are, our drivers will go find you and deliver happiness in a bag.


Near the Garden Bridge of Shanghai (where that steel fence-like bridge is), you can see this newly formed area where you can chill out and sit for a moment.

When you cross North Suzhou Rd.(苏州北路) away from the bund you can easily find the trail.

The vibe feels fancy and classy, why not get this set of rich wines to make the evening extra memorable.

Just a few meters more and you’ll be near Waitanyuan market area – a narrow street with boutiques and vendors.


If you want to start your Bund stroll from the “beginning” (is it the beginning though?)… you can head to Waima Rd. (外马路) just behind Zhongshan South Rd. (中山南路).

There you’ll end up at the Old Port (老码头) sightseeing area. Nearby is also the Old Port Originality Park (老码头创意园) where you can eat and look around.

This crisp & fruity Sauvignon Blanc is perfect post-walk and goes well with all the greenery around in contrast to the buildings.


Take the metro just one stop over East Nanjing Road to Lujiazui. You can take Exit 1 or 2, take some pictures of the amazing buildings and up-close Pearl Tower.

Then make your way down Lujiazui West Rd. (陆家嘴西路) up until you reach Binjiang Avenue (滨江道).

Whichever way you turn you’ll see beautiful greenery, views, architecture, and of course the river.

Treat yourself to a chill glass of our newest Rosé. Its refreshing floral notes will go perfect with what you see.


One can never go wrong with the iconic Bund. Whether you start your walk in the beginning, middle, or end… there are endless spots on the stretch to relax.

These red wines are perfect for people-watching as you take a breather wherever you decide to take a break.


Minsheng Wharf is one of the latest riverside landscapes! Just finished in 2018, this beautiful area is located in Pudong District.

All the pictures we found are truly breathtaking, simple in aesthetic but impressive nonetheless.

Take a seat in one of their waterfront benches, pour a glass of either wine, and intake the view.


As you know, Suzhou Creek goes a very long way through the city, passing through some of our favorite downtowns and iconic streets. This chunk in Changning District spans 5.6 kilometers. You can start by TianShan Rd. (天山路) or anywhere on Wanhangdu Rd. (万航渡路) near Zhongshan Park area.

You can enjoy a leisurely walk during the day but it’s not as shaded as you’d like when the sun hits hard. At night the buildings glow and turn colors, reflecting on the calm river.

Enjoy a glass when you take a moment to rest & enjoy the view!

Seize your days, evenings, and nights.

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