New Years Eve is approaching! Expectations for this night can be unreasonably high, but let’s be honest; you’re going to be partying. If you’re in the bittersweet position of hosting, here are a few wine-related pointers…

Say hello with a glass

The best parties start with a welcome drink. Guests are less likely to, say, mess with the playlist if they’re sipping something complimentary. Nothing fancy; just keep a couple bottles of your favorite table red or sparkling kept not too far from the door.

Start late

This is NYE 101. Some people make a habit of having a first drink at 8:00PM and keeping everything going until 4:00AM… but not everyone does, and you want people to still be on it until well after midnight. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, etc.


Got to line that stomach. About an hour after the countdown finishes that New Year faux-excitement is going to wear off and you’re going to remember you haven’t eaten in 6 hours. Again, doesn’t have to be anything fancy… but no, a couple bags of salted chips don’t count.

Champagne on deck

At midnight it just feels necessary, right? If that feels a little rich for you, you can always try and just pop bottles of prosecco and keep quiet. Which leads us to our last point…

Enough wine

Obviously, this dwarves all the others in importance. No-one wants to be the host of the New Years Eve party that runs out of booze.

Fortunately BottlesXO is here to help you with that last one this year! This New Year’s Eve, we’re extended our delivery times to make sure those parties can keep going as late as you’d like. For details, click here if you’re in Shanghai, or here if you’re in Hong Kong.

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