Christmas is coming, and that can mean different things for different people. It probably means that you may well be spending some“quality” time with your family. Alternatively, if you haven’t been able to make it back home, you might find yourself meeting parents-in-law or other-not-your-own-family members.

And for some of us that can be a nightmare. Fortunately Christmas also tends to mean wine… which can really, really help. Here’s how.

Bring something good to the table

christmas wine

Who doesn’t welcome good wine? Nothing gets occasions off to a better start than a bottle of wine that is actually palatable and actually fits the mood. Pro tip; its winter, some places are getting cold and its also Christmas, so you can go big, bold and red or try to start a party with a sparkling bottle of Champagne or Prosecco. Just don’t skimp. They’re your family! They must be at least kind of worth it.

Know your stuff

And if you’re packing some good stuff, bring a little knowledge with it! Basically, know a little about the wine that you’re making everyone drink. Wine can be a great conversation starter, and its something that people are often actually interested in… it’s definitely a better topic than politics or a lack of grandchildren in the family.

Get your timing right

We know you’ll want to uncork the bottle before you’re done saying “Hi”, but patience is a virtue. Do you really want to get drunk before your parents? And if you’re meeting in-laws, well… we don’t need to spell this our for you, do we?

Mull it over

Mulled Wine

If wine brings people together, mulled wine (or gluhwein, as its more often called throughout Europe) has them hugging each other. In fact, we have a recipe for it that includes our very own Poggio Civetta Chianti that will make you a Christmas hero…


Save it for Christmas Day (& not the night before)

Because a hangover will just make things worse…

And there you have it! Wine has always been a solution to most of life’s problems, and now you can add awkward Christmases to that long list too.

And, if you’re really in need of help, we’l deliver bottles of wine or beer to wherever you are in an average time of less than 30 minutes. You’re welcome.

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