3 October is German Unity Day; what better time to celebrate what must surely count as one of the country’s most precious exports.

Riesling, (which is also produced in Europe in the Alsace region of France), is one of the most versatile wines out there when it comes to pairing, and matches well with foods that otherwise don’t have many friends in the wine world. We’ll start with the more obvious and work from there…


The acidity in Riesling makes it perfect for livening up pork sausages, and not only the meaty flavors but also the more complex herbal ones too. You might reach for a red when pork is on the menu, but when it comes to sausages Riesling is just as reliable a partner in crime.


OK, of course; but which? Actually, this may not matter as much as it does with other wines. Riesling’s well-known versatility means that it’s a good bet if you’re trying to pair with a varied cheeseboard. If you’re looking for specifics, cheddar, parmigiano reggiano, soft French cheeses and even stinky cheeses can work.

Roasted Vegetables

The lightness of Riesling helps it with the mellow, earthy flavors of roasted vegetables. Cauliflower and broccoli are particularly good matches, as are other vegetables with an underlying sweetness like eggplant or squash. Riesling can also, generally, handle any amount of punchy spice you might season them with, which leads us to our next pairing suggestion…

Sichuan Pepper

It’s true! Riesling should be a go to if you want to pair food with the bold, boisterous flavors of Sichuan cuisine. The numbing, wholly singular flavor of the mala Sichuan pepper that inflects each dish should be hard to pair with wines, but the Riesling’s blend of sweetness and acidity make it ideal for matching with fiery spices like this. And this isn’t the only way that Riesling can be used to compete with heat…



For the same reasons, Riesling is ideal for matching with powerful Indian spices too, another case in which an often very difficult food to pair finds the white knight Riesling riding to its rescue. It also makes a nice match for spicy Thai curries, too. In fact, (if you hadn’t gotten the hint already), Riesling is renowned for it’s pair-ability with Asian food in general.

Feel like trying some of these pairings out yourself? Then you’re in luck. Our Heinz Schmitt Erben Riesling is one of our most popular bottles, a perfect example of what makes Riesling such a versatile and delicious white. Download our app here and give it a try.

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