5 Signs That You Might Just be a Wine Snob

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There’s nothing wrong with taking wine seriously; but do you ever worry that you’ve gone off the deep end and ended up what can only be described as a wine snob? If any of these sound familiar, well… let’s just hope it’s not already too late. 

You’ll only drink your wine at a dinner party

You asked what was going to be on the menu, you thought long and hard, and you hit up three stores looking for a perfectly acidic white to go with that fish that your friend is going to be cooking up. Who knows what those philistines you call friends might have brought along? Best not to risk it.

You know more about your city’s wine bars than… anything else

You’re a walking encyclopedia of local wine knowledge from geographical location to best house pours to the sweetest deals. You wouldn’t be able to direct anyone to the nearest ATM, but if someone needs to know where they can get a bomb Bordeaux at happy hour prices on a Thursday you’ve got them covered.

You can’t describe wine with less than five adjectives

And you’re not embarrassed about it. People need to know that the mouthful you just had was firm, balanced and dry with floral notes on the nose and a fresh finish of plum and blackberry; and you’re just the one to tell them.

You’ve stopped drinking wine just to get drunk

You look back on the times when you would weigh up lowest price and highest alcohol content and just go from there with a mixture of regret and acute embarrassment; and you’ve started to feel out of place when your friends are on their second bottle before the club and you’re still savouring your second glass of Chateau.

You buy wine that you don’t drink

This is the big one. As soon as you’ve bought wine as a collector’s item to display in the kitchen rather than, you know, actually drink, it’s a pretty solid sign that you’ve gone full snob. Trust us; you’re better off drinking it. Wine is to be enjoyed… and you probably won’t find many people as impressed by that meticulously displayed label as you anyway.

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