Vermentino is a variety of white wine grape that grows mostly in Italy but also in France and other wine regions around the world. It makes some fantastic white wine, and yet you might not have heard of it. So let’s change that, shall we?

Here are a few things about Vermentino wine that you will probably love…

It opens doors

White wine grapes in vineyard on a sunny day

Vermentino has a lot in common with the much, much better-known Sauvignon Blanc, which is a starting point for a lot of people when it comes to white wine. With it’s welcomingly light body and its deceptively complex profile, Vermentino is a great next step for wine drinkers looking to venture further into the jungle.

It’s Italian

Italy alongside a bottle of… not Vermentino

Italy alongside a bottle of… not Vermentino

Who doesn’t love Italian wine? The origin itself of the Vermentino grape is actually still disputed, but it is now grown in a number of regions in Italy (including Piedmont, Liguria and most notably Sardinia) which is the country most powerfully associated with it. It is increasingly grown in Eastern France and even some New World locations too, but it is Italy that continues to dominate.

It’s great value

Wine serving

For now anyway; you can thank it’s relatively unknown status for that. When not many people know about a wine, you don’t need to worry about getting a sub-par bottle inflated to premium prices thanks to the name of the grape.

Pairing possibilities

Raw sausages with herbs and spices

Vermentino, thanks to its relative intensity and heft, can pair with fish and even meats richer than you might assume. Think cured meats, liberally seasoned pork sausages and some richer seafood; it goes great with crab.

It’s delicious

Delicious Appetizer To Wine - Ham, Cheese, Grapes, Crackers, Figs, Nuts, Jam, Served On A Light Wood

None of this would particularly if Vermentino wine wasn’t delicious; which, of course, it is. It might not be well known, but this is a dry, lively white wine that would stand tall on any dinner table. If that doesn’t make you want to trysomething new, what will?

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