Look around anywhere in Shanghai and you’ll see people, local and foreign alike, glued to their cellphone screens. We’re not encouraging you to join the zombie hordes, necessarily, but these apps are definitely worth a look if you intend on making the most out of life over here.

metro.pngMX Shanghai Metro Map

A simple, fuss-free guide to the largest (by route length) metro system in the world. It has a nice and easy route planner too, with accurate journey times. This one is indispensible; it’s totally comprehensive, and even Shanghai lifers need a refresher course from time to time. Especially when it comes time to visit that one friend who chose to live at the far north end of Line 7 for some reason.

Bon-App.pngBon App!

One of the hottest food and beverage apps of the moment in Shanghai, Bon App is a place that lets foodies celebrate, slander and gossip about the city’s many restaurants… and gives them a place to post their food photos other than Instagram. It’s basically an app that lets you review any restaurant or bar in town, and wishlist places that you want to check out based on other people’s reviews. It’s great. They have a new “Meet” feature too, which lets you sign up for organized dinners and special set menus with other members of the app’s community. A must for anyone in Shanghai that takes their food and drink seriously, or anyone that just likes to talk about it a lot.

sh.pngShanghai Bloggers

Shanghai Bloggers does what it says on the tin, gathering Shanghai’s most essential online sources in one place. Everything from photography to Shanghaiist’s off-beat China news reports and the city’s most widely read food blogs; it’s pretty much all here in one convenient phonesized package.


Yep, the tech world’s boogeyman and revolutionizer or private transport has made it all the way to China. Say what you will about these guys, but the prices and convenience are hard to argue with. You know what Uber does; what sets it apart from other Shanghai ride apps is the fact that you can use it in your native language and select your car appropriately. That means a fancy, expensive car if you’re ballin’ outta control, or the People’s Uber which works out cheaper than a regular cab if you’re trying to save.

didi.pngDidi Dache

Uber might have started making inroads into the Chinese market since last year, but Didi Dache is the way to keep mobile transport OG and local. The most important thing is that it’s conveniently embedded in to WeChat now, making it crazy convenient. The app is all in Chinese, which might lose it a few points against Uber China if you’ve been skipping your classes, but you’ve got the full Shanghai cab fleet at your disposal.

baidu.pngBaidu Maps

Forget Google. It doesn’t always work here, and service is often patchy when it does. If you’re trying to get around in Shanghai, Baidu Maps is the only friend you’ll need; naturally, it’s the most reliable and consistently up-to-date map app in China. Don’t forget, Shanghai is huge. You’ll need a map at some point.

aq.pngAir Quality China

The actual usefulness of this is debatable if you’re not someone who consistently uses masks and other means to protect yourself from Shanghai’s unsanitary, polluted air. If you are, then you’ll definitely welcome the easy-to-reference, up to date info on the city’s AQI (Air Quality Index). If you’re not, then… at least you can roughly work out how many cigarettes you’re breathing in the equivalent of every day. We don’t blame you if you think it’s better not to know though.

cw.pngCity Weekend

Shanghai has a lot of city guides both online and off, and more than one of them have corresponding apps. City Weekend has an edge thanks to how easy it is to use, how comprehensive it is, and it’s lack of a download fee. There’s a lot of info in there for an app that’s totally free, including not just listings but also full reviews and blog posts too.


Once again, our consciences wouldn’t allow us to leave ourselves out of this one. BottlesXO is your one-hour delivery service for high quality, ready-to-drink European wines. We’ll deliver to your home, your office or even a park. If wine isn’t a must have in Shanghai, we don’t know what is. To get more info and download the app, click here.

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Now, go off and enjoy Shanghai properly – and enjoy your bottles 😉

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